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Dear Suite Owners,

Your HOA board is pleased to announce the launch of your HOA website and hope you are as pleased with the final result as we are. We have been meeting together as a board bi-weekly as there is so much to do to learn about and set up a new HOA. With the Website as a tool, it will be easier to communicate information as it becomes available. Please check the site weekly for any new information. New information and announcements will be posted on the website home page and include any links necessary to additional information. Please feel free to contact us with suggestions ifor improvements.

This is a quick overview of the site and it’s intended usage:

About Us:  This gives the stated purpose of the website.

Contact Us: This is a fill-in form by which you will be able to contact any of the board members.

Board Members: Information about your current HOA board members.

Meeting Minutes: This will be a place where you can view the minutes of the HOA general meetings as well as minutes of board meetings as they are posted.

HOA Documents: This is where we will post informational documents that are applicable to homeowners as well as the forms required for interfacing with the resort. If there are additional documents you would like to see posted let us know.

Resort Newsletters: We will keep an electronic copy of the newsletters you receive from the resort starting with January 2008 in this section. You will be able to see back issues as well.

From the HOA board: Our HOA newsletter with updates on projects we are working on.
Upcoming events will be posted on the Home Page with additional links as needed. We want to keep you posted as to events and opportunities for you to enjoy your ownership at Zermatt on a personal basis.

Message Board: Experimental addition. We are posting this message board section as a forum for positive discussion among homeowners. We ask that if you have complaints that they be addressed to board members or management members personally rather than posting complaints on the site. We are each invested in Zermatt for personal reasons. Whether or not our expectations are being fulfilled will be dependent on what those personal expectations are. As a whole we each want Zermatt to succeed in a big way. Let’s keep our discussions on line directed toward that success and how each of us can be a part of that success. If this section becomes a gallery of complaints and negative thought it will be removed from the site.

A great use for the message board is as a means to contact other owners who might be interested in exchanging units with you when you need additional units for a family gathering.

Sites of Interest: We hope to spotlight the many wonderful sites of interest in the Midway area with links to local retail businesses youmay wish to frequent during your visits to Zermatt. We believe that once you become acquainted with the local area you will find much more personal joy and satisfaction in your visits to Zermatt. 

Photo Album: We hope you enjoy this section. Check out the different Albums with the drop down list. We will post photos of the events and improvements made at the resort. If you would like to submit a picture of yourself so that other owners can recognize you if you are on site at the same time, feel free to do so in the Homeowner's Photos album.  You can upload the photo yourself.  Instructions will appear when you click the link.

Resident Directory: This is an important section to keep updated. In order to access the site you must register. In order for the HOA board to utilize the email and mailing capabilities of this site for contacting members it is important for each owner and HOA member to maintain an up to date profile. Should you change your email or any other contact info please make sure you update your profile. This is important even for those who don’t want contact from other owners. You have full control over IF you want your profile visible and WHAT info you want visible to other owners. This is also a password protected directory that will be available (should you choose to make it so) only to other owners.