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About Us
The Suites at Zermatt HOA is an association of homeowners who own individual Hotel Suites within the Hotel der Baer at Zermatt Resort in Midway, Utah. 

Our Homeowners Association meets in a general meeting scheduled at the end of each year when we elect our homeowners board for the following year. We also review the past year's budget and approve the budget for the coming year.

Our Suites HOA Board consists of 3 members, with special committees appointed as needed. In our first general meeting, two members were elected for one and two year terms and one member was appointed for a three year term. Each subsequent year a member will be elected to fill the position being vacated as the various member terms expire.

The Suites at Zermatt community website was developed by the Initial (2008) HOA board to serve as an informative resource for our suite owners and prospective suite owners. The website is intended as a tool for the Homeowners Association Board to communicate to owners;  important and timely information as well as exciting upcoming events. It is also intended as a tool for Suite owners to communicate with each other and share in the growth and excitement of the success of the resort.